Auto Metal Service

Family owned since 1947

Known for their Customer Services helping people and shops get a vehicle Restored to its Original Condition!

Expert Collision Repair and Color Matching
OEM Auto Body and Paint Svc
Installer of Original Equipment

PPG products used!

Call Paul at the shop 650 345-3161
Open 8am to 5pm weekdays 84 East 21st Ave San Mateo CA 94403

See the many car pictures AMS has done Click on pics for full size view!

Paul will help you with customer service!  people and companies
with your damaged car and insurance estimates!

ams shop.jpg (54771 bytes)
so you can have your vehicle looking great!
and saving you tons of wasted time with large shops that cannot give personal service to you and your car!

From small scratches to complete recoating and welding on your vehicle!

Get your Truck Bed coated by Auto Metal Service  with Raptor Tintable Beadliner Coating that will match your Paint
See the fantastic look and texture of the Raptor coating!
Raptor Bed 00.jpg (1864878 bytes)    RaptorBed 0.jpg (570984 bytes)   RaptorBed .jpg (1658027 bytes)

Auto Metal Service Goes Green!

Pontiac Gran Prix paint applied before wet sanding and polishing

AutoMetalSvc Green Grand Prix 00.jpg (3407612 bytes) AutoMetalSvc Green Grand Prix 01.JPG (1755306 bytes) AutoMetalSvc Green Grand Prix 02.jpg (3226178 bytes)
This is right out of the paint booth!

See Paul with Monte Carlo he painted for customer Gary Ahlf

AutoMetal MonteCarlo 000.JPG (1126977 bytes)PAutoMetal MonteCarlo and Paul 00.JPG (2152300 bytes)
deep double blue, the clear coat of glass!

1965 Chevy El Camino
Restored for Mr.Steve Yelick
Satin Black paint 
El Camino Paint AMS Mr.Yelick.JPG (1165578 bytes)
El Camino Paint AMS Mr.Yelick 01.jpg (3387692 bytes) El Camino Paint AMS Mr.Yelick 02.jpg (3415798 bytes)
El Camino Roof Pad.jpg (3664634 bytes) El Camino Headliner Mr.Yelick.JPG (2876703 bytes)
MrStitch headliner and pad installed Next Door panels and Carpets!

See the Secret flip up panel in the bed of this 1965 El Camino.
This was maybe a smugglers Idea! using a power window regulater with remote switch to open and close who knows?
This is a rare car with history!  See the Secret Panel as discovered!
El Camino Secret Rear Door 0.jpg (3728829 bytes)
El Camino Secret Rear Door 03.JPG (3854506 bytes) El Camino Secret Rear Door.jpg (4010009 bytes)

1969 Z/28
complete restoration for customer John Campbell
this car went to three car shows! and stood along side of the best paint jobs in the world!

2008 PaloAlto Concours D`Elegance Photos
Concours car show 2008 AMS Z28 00.JPG (2094672 bytes)
PaloAlto Concours D`Elegance at Stanford 2007
Car Crazy 12th Annual Car Show & BBQ 2007
AMS Camaro Car Crazy Show 2007  BBQ 00.jpg (1809768 bytes)

69 Z28 Campbell Rear.jpg (450362 bytes)  69 Z28 Campbell front.jpg (456353 bytes)

see the  Camaro with new paint in the AMS spray booth

AutoMetalSpray Booth Z2800.JPG (296087 bytes)  Auto Metal Spray Booth Z28 Campbell 01.JPG (809210 bytes)  Auto Metal Spray Booth Z28 Campbell 03.JPG (377425 bytes)

mrstitch is adding the photos of the
Green 1969 Z/28 interior as it is installed

Project 10/07 1972 Datsun 240Z
Complete body restore and paint job

AMS 72 Datsun 240Z 001.jpg (713917 bytes)
AMS 72 Datsun 240Z 003.JPG (1587965 bytes)

Mercedes Wheel Covers for Janet at MB Garage
AutoMetalSvc Merc MBWheels 0.jpg (3464072 bytes)

See Paul with the copper paint job he did for Larry at MB Garage
this coating looked really nice, like a new copper penny!

AutoMetal MercCopperPaintMB00.JPG (824826 bytes)

See the great paint job auto metal did on the mrstitch 76  L/48 T-Top Corvette

MrSt76VetteLouver01.JPG (171190 bytes)  Vette Engine L48 Blue 02.JPG (1526666 bytes)

Auto Metal Svc Hood Scoop Mods
AutoMetalSvc Mustang Hood Scoop 00.JPG (1473636 bytes)
AutoMetalSvc Mustang Hood Scoop 01.JPG (1326686 bytes)
Get your hood cut and modified like this vintage Mustang owner!

1969 Camaro Blue RS

69camaro.jpg (186998 bytes)   AutoMetal 69RS.jpg (473643 bytes)
Complete body and paint restoration
AMS replaced everything on this car to make it new just like the dealer sent from the factory ,
this body was rusted and needed many panels replaced
but it now has a paint coating that will last for years

1985 Ford Mustang
Convertible Pictures

AMS 85 Ford Mustang01.jpg (159940 bytes)AMS 85 Ford Mustang 02.jpg (103517 bytes)

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Pictures

AutoMetal  Ford 2+2.jpg (518006 bytes)  AutoMetal  Ford 2+2 PF Image.jpg (568502 bytes)

Gold Chevelle Full Restoration Paint and Body work
Looks just like a new car from Fairway Chevrolet 

AmsGold02.jpg (197476 bytes)    AmsGold03.jpg (179112 bytes)
this OEM Color Gold paint job is so nice you cannot tell if the car has been actually been restored!

1970 Chevelle Malibu  2 stage with JonRubick®Designer Stripes /custom ams colors

AMSJonCar02.JPG (208585 bytes)     AMSJonStripe.JPG (167626 bytes)

1967 PONTIAC Lemans

67LamansJulio01.jpg (52760 bytes) 
AMS LEMANS VETTE01.JPG (824722 bytes)

See the New and Vintage Photos a Father and Sons Shop

Auto Metal Service
Established by Mr.Rubick in 1947
  Pauls Dad 02.jpg (32354 bytes)

This Man served his country then built his shop!

Paul Auto Metal02.jpg (174232 bytes) His son Paul Rubick grew up at the shop and went to Serra High in San Mateo
enlisted in the army and served his country in Germany

  AMSDann01.JPG (178726 bytes)
Cars are Painted by PAUL

Body blocking wet sanding and polishing
by Jon

Auto Wire Harness and Relays fixed and replaced by JON
if your car is at the shop and you request this service
the engineer can do it
Get your vintage autowiring relays fixed and mapped now!

   Jon  is the mrstitch®LOGOS Composer and Engineer!

Jon is graduate of San Francisco State University in Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2008
jondavid Henry Rubick

Many of the Seat Logos you see on this web are set up and drawn by Jon

This Stone Cold Artist can stand in front of you and Recreate
the image of you and the backround, 
right down to your shoe laces with a pencil or any writing utensil available !
We use this Company for all of our mrstitch seat frame welding
this family is known for its personalized customer service.


Auto Metal Svc is the official painter for these Companys


BoJonsson`s Volvo and Saab

BoJonsson banner.gif (11045 bytes)

MartinAutoColorService/Coach Color

provides the Paint and Supplies used at AMS
ROSIE performs the Custom paint match up with the Prophet
Bob Young has helped AMS for manys years with PPG product updates

City Auto Supply gets oem car parts Sales by Arnie Helget

See the COACH COLOR Cars  

Coach Color cars by

 Coming Soon the
SS LOGO for MonteCarlo Headliner
for Gary
Ahlf - SS logos  by Jon

We will add many more pictures of the cars fixed and repaired by AMS plus the finished paint coatings applied

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