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Z/28 Camaro

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Amp Pictures and Customers Instruments Band info

mrstitch has made custom amplifier covers for them!


See the Roland FP-7 owned by Vinnie Chiurazzi
Keyboard cover Chiurazzi Roland FP7 00.jpg (1863840 bytes)

Dennis KONG   Bass Player Cabs

Dennis Kong Bass Man.jpg (51616 bytes)
the big bad bass notes that will stomp your heart with tone!

Band and Web info hear the sound at
watch and hear the band at YouTube!

See the pictures click on images for full size!
New! bass cab covers with zippered pockets

 AmpCab LDS cover Kong 00.JPG (3683025 bytes)  AmpCab LDS cover Kong 03.JPG (3139997 bytes)  AmpCab LDS cover Kong 02.JPG (3136231 bytes)

MrStitch made a pair of covers for a pair of Euphonic Pwr Speaker Amp cabs
see the cover patterns

Kong amp03.JPG (290116 bytes)  Kong amp00.JPG (373552 bytes)  KONG AMP02.JPG (1197746 bytes)


MrStitch made covers for Altec Monitors for this band

See the set up that creates the sonic signature sound

Click on photos for full screen image

KANE GTX33.jpg (92337 bytes)   Kane Paul's Amp Rack.jpg (119088 bytes)    Kane Warmoth Thinline Telecaster.jpg (88929 bytes)

Photo's show the following:
I'm running a Line 6 4x12 300w stereo cabinet. It sounds great
the Thinline Telecaster is by Warmoth(neck and body) and has Gotoh tuners, Wilkinson Bridge and Fender "Texas Special" pickups (they are made by the Fender Custom Shop and are wound a little extra for fatter tone). Plays like a dream.
The GTX33 is actually a cheap Korean guitar, but it's the flagship model of this cheap manufacturer, so it has a 24-fret neck, three humbuckers and a Sustainiac pickup. I had my guitar luthier rework the neck and it actually plays pretty darn well, but the hardware on it is cheap potmetal. GTX is a Kaman Company guitar (Kaman also makes Hamer and Ovation), but again this is a really cheapo...yet I like it and can't get rid of it.
My amp rack consists of a Gallien-Krueger 250RL. Those are 100 watts (50 watts per side stereo) but this one has the special Gallien-Krueger upgrade to 200 watts (100 watts per side)! Also a Roland GP-16 guitar effects processor and the bottom of the rack is a Lexicon LXP-1, LXP-5 and Lexicon MRC (master remote control). And check out the vintage Dynaco/Dynakit tube amp on the top of my rig. It's wired to work with my guitar!


See the basic Fender amps we use to make the MRSTITCH Amp sound

The Band LayBack Lenny and the Trash Can Tops

The Champ Amps are Modified by Torrez Engineering
CHAMP Amps one black face the blue face

MrChamp Amp02.jpg (222775 bytes)   MrChamp Amp04.jpg (186296 bytes)

Rosie Tran holds and plays the MrStitch Lefty Black Laquer Stratocastor
before we stripped the paint off this oem Fender to give the wood a new tone

Rosie Tran Guitar.jpg (125561 bytes) 


see a few of the MrStitch Lefty Guitars

Lens Guitars.jpg (318589 bytes)

the DC135 Lefty from was custom made for

mrstitch uses a Guitar Port 2.5 on the PC   get yours now!

Computer uses a Carvin HT 400 Power Amp! for a great sound at the shop office 

Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wha is used to tweak tone



See the many upholstery services mrstitch can do for your amp

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 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved! 

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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