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MrStitch FERRARI Service!
Upholstery and Convertible Tops

Click on pictures to see full size

MrStitch can install your original or aftermarket kit for 58.00 per hour labor
See some customers cars we have done! and what we can do for you!

MrFerarri.JPG (406410 bytes)
see MrStitch in red Magnum PI 308 with monster engine 460HP

BONNET PADS for Ferarri and Lamborghini made as specified! by MrSittch

See the 69 Ferarri 365 GT 2+2 Bonnet we make in Aluminum vinyl and OEM style gray tuff tarp vinyl its your choice!


Custom patterns made for Mr.Penn

Ferrari 550 Maranello
Dash Fix!

See the before and after pictures showing how the MrStitch dash insert covers the shrinking or bubbling leather on the upper dash without removing the glass!

Old Nasty look!
Get your dash insert cover made so you do not have to sneek up to your car trying to not look at the front windshield!

New Design by mrstitch
Replacement Zip top luggage compartment  Carbon fiber Vinyl Cover for 308 GTS GTB
Get a new look with GTS or any TEXT on your rear Zippered Cover made!

See the old look of the sorry looking vinyl and zipper used on the OEM
Before After

87 Ferrari 328 GTS Targa Top

New dye coating to update for a 87 328 GTS  with only 7,000 miles on it Its like new ! 
See the look that the targa top had before we applied the solvent based dye coating.

Before dye applied  After! see the new Look!

For owner Mr.Murillo

355s OEM CONVERTIBLE Top installation

Dave Wilson
Western Grinding Inc
Chief Driver Instructor for the Pacific Region
     FerrariWilsontopdown01.jpg (45229 bytes)  Small Ferrari Cropped 2.jpg (67857 bytes)  Ferrari Side View.jpg (52551 bytes)

  Old tan top removed from 355S
   Old tan.jpg (37285 bytes)  Ferrari old tan top.bmp (245126 bytes)
355S  with the old  tan top 
 Before we did the top install with original Black Itailian Top ! 

308 Ferrari Sport Seats for Hooper Inc.

30801.jpg (57296 bytes) Ferarri Red 308 Hooper 00.jpg (2582376 bytes) Ferarri Red 308 Hooper 0.jpg (2186168 bytes)

308 seats 01.jpg (195100 bytes)   308 seats 03.jpg (102144 bytes)  

we modified this imported leather seat upholstery as specified
  cut patterns to install custom
sport seat design from Italy

Ferarri 355 Red Spider 0.JPG (2878874 bytes) Ferarri 355 Red Spider.JPG (2464546 bytes)
Top Repair for Dave Thompson 355 Spider

1978 308 GTS Ferrari for Randy Steyer
Secretary 2008 Pacific Region

Ferrari 308 rear deck Steyer 00.JPG (1570741 bytes)  Ferrari 308 rear deck Steyer 04.JPG (1710777 bytes)  Ferrari 308 rear deck Steyer 01.JPG (1609608 bytes)  Ferrari 308 rear GTS Steyer 00.JPG (1512683 bytes)  
installing a rear aftermarket cover, will add the finished pictures when assembly is done

Original - Leather Seat Upholstery from Italy

Ferrari Seats.jpg (574522 bytes)

Installed for

See the 1963 Silver Ferrari at the shop

63 Ferarri 02.jpg (186240 bytes)
we installed the rear shelf for Mr Konalski

Get  your  Ferrari  Center Console Recovered!
Replace the old leather
Dino Motors / / /

Tech can remove the console and wireing
so we can make your hand cut patterns

Ferarri 1962 GTE Old Trans Cover 00.JPG (1816158 bytes) Ferarri 1962 GTE Old Trans Cover 0.JPG (780555 bytes) Ferarri 1962 GTE Old Trans Cover 01.JPG (3944332 bytes) old patterns
1962 Ferarri GTE trans tunnel cover
Ferarri 1962 GTE New Trans Cover 00.JPG (3183988 bytes) Ferarri 1962 GTE New Trans Cover 02.JPG (2821158 bytes) Ferarri 1962 GTE New Trans Cover 01.JPG (3118610 bytes)

FerrariBlackConsole03.jpg (43828 bytes)    FerrariConsoleBlack01.jpg (56533 bytes)    FerrariConsoleBlack02.jpg (102328 bytes)

Full Leather hydes are used, see the pictures
  FerrariConsoleB05.JPG (144546 bytes)   FerrariConsoleB04.JPG (146911 bytes)   FerrariConsoleB03.JPG (108695 bytes)   FerrariConsoleBeige02.jpg (47438 bytes)   FerrariConsoleBiege01.jpg (35298 bytes)

Dino Motors / / /
Specializing in the maintenance of luxury and exotic autos
Johannes Huwyler - Proprietor
1321 S.Railroad Ave . San Mateo,CA

We installed a OEM TOP  for a 330 Dino
Dino04.jpg (53549 bytes)   
Dino03.jpg (65147 bytes)  Dino00.jpg (64294 bytes)
hand made Headliner Patterns from the original design

    Dino Headliner01.jpg (106729 bytes)    Dino Headliner02.jpg (102937 bytes)    DinoHeadliner03.jpg (65027 bytes)   
Headliner Install photos 330 Dino

DinoHood01.jpg (49525 bytes)   DinoHood02.jpg (49240 bytes)
Ferarri Dino Bonnet Pad  Silver Vinyl Sewn Pattern as OEM

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www.Ferrari club of

Get your Exotic Car Detailed Now!
Hand washed and Polished at your shop or home
in the SF Bay Area
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is a
Robbins Top Installer

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is a Authorized Top
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 EZ-ON Top
EZ ON Auto Tops
World Uupholstery

Vics Upholstery
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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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