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Logos Decals Lables sewn

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MrStitch Custom Logo Service!

Designs Sewn into your Seats or Panels

Hand Cut Patterns See the logos
we have sewn for our customers

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    Custom Covers for your Personal or Company Logo car or any item!


Musical AMP Covers Seat Upholstery - Padded Inserts
Custom Tonneau Covers Rear Window Speaker Boards
Door Panels Center Consoles
HeadRests MotorCycles Vests
Office Chairs Auto Headliners

You can create your logo or decal from and we can sew clear plastic over it!
see the L/48 decal fast signs made for our corvette

MrVette Engine Decal 01.JPG (159763 bytes)   MrVette L48 Logo 01.JPG (678168 bytes)   MrVette Engine Decal 03.JPG (2671792 bytes)

CARA`S Two Wheeler Flower bike seat in Magenta

BikeSeat Taft-Flowers 002.jpg (3065901 bytes)   BikeSeat Taft-Flowers 000.JPG (1781438 bytes)  BikeSeat Taft-Flowers 004.jpg (2912287 bytes)
 motorcycle seat recovered in Pink  Magenta



Chair with Watch with clear plastic sewn

Get your TV Monitor Cover with Diamond Plate Logo See the Special L logo we made for 55 inch

Google Links for Extra Info!

Get your Logos at JC Whitney Selections on the Web
and we will sew them into your job

JC Whitney Logo Shop! Logos Items!

Logo Shop

MrStitch Biker Vests and Jackets
be seen on the streets with your name sewn into our outlaw biker style Logos
MrVest 007.JPG (2382120 bytes)   MrVest 010.JPG (1480707 bytes)   MrStitch Logo Jacket 00.jpg (1656502 bytes)

Get your American Flag and Eagle with (God Bless America Honor our Troops and Veterans) TEXT
sewn into your seats or console or any panel in your vehical
USA Flag Console.jpg (2063130 bytes) USA Flag and Eagle by MrStitch 0.JPG (3810589 bytes) USA Flag and Eagle by MrStitch 01.JPG (3128770 bytes)

Custom Barbie Beach Ranger
Seat with Logo

BeforeBARBIE BEACH RANGER 0.jpg (26996 bytes)afterBARBIE BEACH RANGER 01.jpg (23282 bytes)

P and D Logo 0.JPG (2016703 bytes) Barbie Beach Logo Seat 03.jpg (3394323 bytes) Barbie Beach Logo Seat 02.jpg (3557263 bytes)
Blue and Gold Design  for Jason Avilla and Donnie Prewitt

JOANN text sewn into jumpseat cushion
for Mr. Bianki
JOANN Seat LOGO 001.jpg (2815583 bytes) JOANN Seat LOGO 005.jpg (1069581 bytes) JOANN Seat LOGO 002.jpg (2682430 bytes)

Auto Headliner Logos Installed
Alf SS04.jpg (152876 bytes) ALHF MonteCarlo 003.JPG (2548712 bytes)
SS LOGO for MonteCarlo Headliner
for Gary Ahlf

See the MrStitch Vette Engine with clear plastic sewn over decals

MrVette Engine Decal 00.JPG (176156 bytes)

Tonneau Cover Scissor logo
Shop-Truck scissors.JPG (79400 bytes)
MrStitch Shop Truck

GTO 1968 6.5
GTO Deck logo.jpg (164711 bytes)
rear shelf Logo

1970 SS Chevy Camaro

Quick SS logo.tif (1614256 bytes)
Quick SS logo Deck Lid

Chevy  Bow Tie Seat Logo
 1966 Chevy Malibu
wpe62791.gif (292309 bytes)

Art Gordons CEO Seat
Cheveron logo.tif (949132 bytes)
Cheveron Gas Station Office Chair

Musical Instrument Covers & Logos

wpe09458.gif (295337 bytes)    Jason Dan Vile Amps.jpg (128218 bytes)      wpe71733.gif (298899 bytes)

see our custom amp cover web site

         Padded Auto Tire Covers
We can sew your name into spare tire covers 
Shen cover.jpg (236722 bytes)
For Shen Lincoln Mercury Dealer

Motor Cycle seat logos
Red K Logo.jpg (98252 bytes)
Red K sewn into Kawasaki Motor Cycle seat
 We can sew your Initial or logo with our hand cut designs

Oval Car 54 Logo
Truck Seat 

scan1.jpg (113392 bytes)

Office Chair Seat with
Lands End Logo

    for Mr.Stein

LandsEndSeat01.jpg (212344 bytes)

Trunk mat with logo
sewn into carpet

Mustang mat logo01.jpg (99012 bytes)

Console Logos

Custom Console Design Sewn
Yellow Insert - Pattern as specified by customer


console1.jpg (48172 bytes)     
     console4.jpg (144001 bytes)
Find your Console for us to customize at this web site



Jon at www.Auto Metal Svc
is our Company LOGO Composer

Many of the Seat Logos you see on this web are set up and drawn by Jon

 This Stone Cold Artist can stand in front of you and Recreate
the image of you and the backround,  right down to your shoe laces
with a pencil or any writing utensil available in any scale or font

Links of Logo Web Sites 
to find your logo service on the web

Ruckus web site

Links to MrStitch Embroidery Web Site
  Supplies and embroiders garments to America's top companies
has the same name as our company! but provides another service!

Web Lable Service

Click on to create your custom lables MyOwnLables.gif (4728 bytes)

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If you want to start a new LOGO search try

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Robbins Top Installer

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is a Authorized Top
 Installer Installer for
 EZ-ON Top
EZ ON Auto Tops
World Uupholstery

Vics Upholstery
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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


MrStitch® is protected by the USA Patent and Trademark Office ! Any use of text and images must be approved by MrStitch!
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