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MrStitch MotorCycle Seat Upholstery Svc
MrStitch Logo Jacket 00.jpg (1656502 bytes) MrVest 010.JPG (1480707 bytes)
click on pictures for full screen size!

MrStitch Awards custom scooter seat mod for Raffle Winner! of Scooter Rage 23 and 24
Scooter Rage 23 Raffle Prize.jpg (510868 bytes)
June 18-21 2009 June 17-20 2010 details here
Joy Caves Winner Scooter Rage 24  Her Vespa gets custom seat made with colors and seat design!

See the Honda ST 1100  USMC emblem with clear plastic rear seat storage bag for Marine Veteran Ed Vellis

MrStitch will sew the USMC decal for free! for any US Marine that wants thier patch sewn!

See the pictures of the seat styles we can do for your motorcycle
Get your seat foam cut and shaped keeping your original style cover
get a custom design, or we can install a aftermarket replacement cover!

   Get your Vintage MotorCycle Seats Restored by mrstitch

One of kind look! if you choose custom cut patterns made
by MrStitch they cost more than pre made covers but older vintage bike seats will need this service!
See what we do to Recreate the ORIGINAL DESIGN
using the oem heat sealed patterns specs

MrBike Seat Vintage 00.JPG (3226894 bytes) MrBike Seat Vintage 01.JPG (2136731 bytes)
with sewn stitching

Rob Diepebroek's CL175 racer
with 160 'sloper' engine, raced in AHRMA 200 and 250 GP classes. AFM Vintage

Race Bike Seat CL175 racer 0.jpg (477590 bytes)  Race Bike Seat CL175 racer.jpg (529779 bytes)
See the bike at show showing the CL175 racer seat

Race Bike 163r Seat New.JPG (1740723 bytes) Race Bike 163r Seat pad.JPG (3230398 bytes) Race Bike 163r Seat pattern.jpg (2721691 bytes) Race BikeSeat 163R.JPG (1749917 bytes)

Racing Seats with colors and snaps
Honda 06 RC-51Seat Mod
See how we make patterns with paper from a foam project made by customer
With Carbon Fiber Vinyl with Red Bead
Honda 06 RC-51 Bike Seat.JPG (1541043 bytes) Honda 06 RC-51 Bike Seat 0.JPG (1100741 bytes) Honda 06 RC-51 Bike Seat 01.jpg (3346670 bytes) Honda 06 RC-51 Bike Seat 03.jpg (2711719 bytes) Honda 06 RC-51 Bike Seat 04.jpg (1938191 bytes)
marine grade vinyls used on all recovered seats modified for our customers with deep double stitching using American Star Utra Dee #138 thread

Diamond stitched seat and foam mod for Alex Dughman`s Custom 78 Harley

Seat foam design as specified
Before After


Harley Davidson Stud Seat
Harley Seat Quartaro 02.JPG (1486792 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro 03.JPG (656846 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro 04.JPG (1831276 bytes)
See the custom patterns we made for US Army Serviceman  Mr.Quartaro
Harley Seat Patterns Quartaro 00.jpg (1518608 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro 00.JPG (1112864 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro 0.JPG (1522307 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro 02.JPG (1775076 bytes) Harley Seat Quartaro.JPG (1986438 bytes)

Google Motorcycle Webs


We can Scoop out the foam for the Cycle Rider
for a custom fit
lets the rider touch the ground with ease

Get a 2 inch cut out of the original foam mold
cut the plastic seat mold on the sides to taper
$92.00 for basic foam cut

Click on lower pictures to see full size picture
  Bike seat scoop 001.jpg (91258 bytes)   Bike seat scoop 000.jpg (100002 bytes)   Bike seat scoop 002.jpg (107429 bytes)

Honda bike seat scoop 001.jpg (135224 bytes)   Honda bike seat scoop 000.jpg (50668 bytes)   Honda bike seat scoop 002.jpg (106006 bytes)

Scooped seat for Kim Wallace
  2002 Yamaha Y2-600R

Kim Y2-F600R Yamaha seat04.jpg (198352 bytes)

StingRay Bike Seats Schwinn Banana Seat

See the vintage and custom look of the seat we did for Jeff Roeder at Palm Ave Motors

See the Michal the Milkman VintageYamaha Seat  

See the old seat on bike MM Yamaha Motorcycle.jpg (343034 bytes)   MMM Yamaha Seat.JPG (2037482 bytes)   MMM Yamaha Seat 0.JPG (2304290 bytes)New seat with pleats sewn 


1979 Yamaha 750 Seat using Enduratex Carbon Fiber Vinyl
BikeSeat Carbon 79 Yamaha 750 00.JPG (3571953 bytes) BikeSeat Carbon 79 Yamaha 750 0.JPG (3707430 bytes) BikeSeat Carbon 79 Yamaha 750.JPG (3792577 bytes)
this is a amazing machine!
we took the original heat sealed design and updated stitch style!

Before Yanaha 79 Seat Bloom New Carbon Vinyl.JPG (3284673 bytes)Yanaha 79 Seat Bloom New Carbon Vinyl 01.JPG (2513417 bytes) AfterYamaha Seat Completed Bloom.JPG (1823251 bytes)Yamaha Seat Completed Bloom 0.JPG (2031733 bytes)

Custom seat design made for Mr.Bloom

Vintage Seat done in one day!   Unbelievable Task for Memorial Day
BeforeHonda 69 350 old bike seat 0.JPG (1613865 bytes)Honda 69 350 old bike seat.jpg (3334212 bytes)
see the 1969 honda 350 seat we did for Retired Fire Chief Robert Herrera
after Honda 69 350 new foam bike seat.jpg (3141623 bytes)Honda 69 350 new vinyl bike seat.jpg (3565299 bytes)

Harley Davidson Custom GasTank Console Cover
see the fiberglass tank mold get covered
Harley Tank Console Paine 00.JPG (2413270 bytes)Harley Tank Console Paine 02.jpg (580412 bytes)
Harley Tank Console Paine 04.JPG (1603146 bytes)Harley Tank Console Paine 05.JPG (1960100 bytes)Harley Tank Console Paine 07.JPG (1829631 bytes)
for HD owner MrPaine

For a 1985 Harley Sportster
owned by Dave Canada`

 85 Sportster Image01.jpg (186852 bytes)   85 Sportster02.jpg (189252 bytes)   85 Sportster03.jpg (202696 bytes)   85 Sportser04.jpg (201684 bytes)   85 Sportster05.jpg (226016 bytes)

Lambretta Scooter Seat Project
the Lambretta 1995 GP200 customized with colors to match bike paint job
Lambretta GP200 Scooter seat 00.jpg (2423013 bytes)Lambretta GP200 Scooter seat 01.jpg (2396756 bytes)Lambretta GP200 Scooter seat 02.JPG (1834155 bytes)
See the Custom Lambretta seat design idea!  that Jake Nelson created!
Customer brought in a pic of a bike magazine with color scheme that needed to match scooter colors
and mrstitch did a
search of marine vinyls and made custom patterns to fit! the requested style
Lambretta GP200 Scooter seat design 00.jpg (2565900 bytes)Lambretta GP200 Scooter seat 03.jpg (2782501 bytes)

Piaggio Scooter Seat  SFMC
Original Design Updated old to new,
Scooter Old Seat Piaggio 0.JPG (2319240 bytes) Scooter New Seat Piaggio 00.JPG (2012440 bytes) Scooter New Seat Piaggio 01.JPG (716202 bytes) Scooter New Seat Piaggio 0.JPG (1993207 bytes)

see the Member Patch SanFrancisco Motorcycle Club Est.1904 

See the Custom pad cut and seams sewn for this Honda HRC seat
Honda HRC Bike Seat 01.JPG (646476 bytes)  Honda HRC Bike Seat 00.JPG (418485 bytes)
started with the factory seat foam and scooped it!  then copied the original  Heat sealed patterns

1996 Suzuki Savage 650 Seat
Suzuki 650 Savage 00.JPG (2109600 bytes) Suzuki 650 Savage 01.JPG (2840569 bytes)  Suzuki 650 Savage 02.jpg (2094213 bytes)
See the new before and after look with updated sewn pleats for Teacher Florence Tubiana

BMW motorcycle seats recovered stitch™ style
BMW Bike seat 000.JPG (1725156 bytes) BMW Bike seat 001.JPG (1946647 bytes)

2007 Honda Shadow
Honda Bike seat 07 Shadow.JPG (2152868 bytes)
Seat foam mod and rear pad see how we cut the seats as specified
Honda Bike seat 07 Shadow 0.JPG (1968069 bytes)Honda Bike seat 07 Shadow 02.JPG (1196798 bytes)Honda Bike seat 07 Shadow 04.JPG (1247995 bytes)

Seat Mods for the Alan Trujillo   Special Edition / Designed Harley Davidson
he is sporting our MrStitch Vest at the shop with his ultra machine!
Harley Bike Seat AlanTrujillo 00.JPG (2140306 bytes)  MrVest 007.JPG (2382120 bytes)  Harley Bike Seat AlanTrujillo 01.JPG (2027481 bytes)

1965 Triumph Custom Seat
Lens Triumph 65 Boneville 650 02.JPG (225730 bytes)Lens Triumph 65 Boneville 650 01.jpg (2365823 bytes)

for JB Ornamental Iron Works

Vintage Moped Seat
Moped Seat Pattern 0.JPG (1640368 bytes)Moped Seat 0.JPG (2117472 bytes)
old style to new  for MC Phil Fields

Bonanza Mini Bike Seat Project 4/16/08
Mini Bike Bonanza Seat 00.jpg (1309962 bytes)Mini Bike Bonanza Seat 02.JPG (1586459 bytes) Mini Bike Bonanza Seat 01.jpg (2024326 bytes)
Design Old Style for mc Dan Rogan

Get some green into your bike seat!

We can sew Flowers into it!
Pink Magenta Vinyl with your pick of pedals for girls

BikeSeat Taft-Flowers 002.jpg (3065901 bytes)BikeSeat Taft-Flowers 004.jpg (2912287 bytes)

CARAS` magenta two wheeler custom bike seat



MrStitch made custom patterns to restore a vintage 1966 Yamaha 250cc to be a Batcycle Replica for Eric Seltzer

The BatCycle was judged by George Barris and he liked the way we did the cycle with updated style and materials used to give it the bat skin look!
BatPhoto02.jpg (47737 bytes)

Seat Cart and Wing Assembly see the Patterns made
BatCycle Barris Pic 00.JPG (3057809 bytes) Signed picture by George Barris

This turn out to be a dream PROJECT  Mr.Barris liked my design! WOW!!

see the George Barris WEBSITE (93492 bytes)

See how we can sew a logo into your seat
www.mrstitch LOGOS Page

K logo sewn into Kawasaki rear section of seat Red K Logo.jpg (98252 bytes)

1990 Honda Gold Wing
for Ken Medd

GoldWing Seat01.jpg (54132 bytes) GullWing seat02.jpg (119123 bytes)
we copied the oem design using Artic Plus Chestnut Vinyl

93 Nighthawk 750
Cable guy  bike seat 3.jpg (99885 bytes)
We Cut Seat Foam and sewed the pleats
so the rider can sit farther back saving the oem design
Custom Seat for Joel S. the Cable Guy

Skin covers we have Installed
58.00 per hour labor

Saddlemen Seat cover 1988 Kawasaki
Kawasaki Blue 88 Saddleman Skincover 04.JPG (1638840 bytes)  Kawasaki Blue 88 Saddleman Skincover 01.JPG (1582825 bytes)  Kawasaki Blue 88 Saddleman Skincover 00.JPG (1734874 bytes)
Before and after for Ron Laurent

Dunlop 01.jpg (156600 bytes)
SEAT COVER Skin installed for Mr DUNLAP

Ramirez2.jpg (70386 bytes)Skin Covers we installed for Jaun Ramirze

Seat Skin Kit Installation for Kawasaki FASTRACK

Christian Bike .jpg (72220 bytes)

Twin Seat Skin Covers
Steamed and installed for MrYost

Yost bike seats 01.jpg (105767 bytes)
Get your Seat Cover
at the second-look site and we will install it for you
Suzuki cover  MrStitch Vest and Seat Skin cover 01.JPG (3111971 bytes)

QUAD TECH Cover Quad Tech cover 00.JPG (691678 bytes)

MrStitch Vests and Jackets

     MrVest 000.jpg (1634963 bytes)      MrVest 005.JPG (849820 bytes)
MrVest 001.jpg (1669043 bytes)   MrVest 007.JPG (2382120 bytes)   MrVest 010.JPG (1480707 bytes)


See how we can sew a logo into your seat
www.mrstitch LOGOS Page

Why Cover your seat in Vinyl or Leather
when you can have a Custom MrStitch® Cloth Seat
CIoth Bike seat 05.jpg (145587 bytes)

Police Motorcycle Seats we have done

Pennisula Kawasaki DRAGSTER
Motorcycle Seat
See how we draw and cut a Basic Seat Pattern and Design
Dragster Seat Photo

Honda 78 750 Custom for Jeff Wu
WuHonda75001.JPG (167355 bytes)   WuHonda75002.JPG (206346 bytes)
we copied the oem pattern plus Mr.Wu foam design

We Have Modified many seats for these companys:

MrSt-cut Bike Seat.jpg (316780 bytes)

for Mike, Nick and Ray Ofiesh 
BMW Honda bike seats 01.jpg (53824 bytes)
Sew Original Design Pattern for 1972 BMW R75/5

Catalyst Reaction
Motorcycle Repair - Maintenance- Accessories
975 Industrial Road, San Carlos,Ca 650-591-2778

Redwood City Honda

2771 El Camino Real
Redwood City CA

650 364 1104
Button seat l.jpg (114133 bytes)
we have scooped out many seats for

Honda of San Mateo
101 East 25th Ave
San Mateo CA
650 341 5867

Doug`s Motorcycles
Police Bike Svc
1053 Claremont  San Mateo CA
650 570 6768

LINKS to Motorcycle  Bike Seat cover Web Sites

Do you need a new cover for your old torn seat?
You can find your replacement cover and we can install it fast !with stainless steel staples
check out these web sites that have a great look and fit for your motorcycle!

Seat Replacement Covers WebSites

We  are a  Sponser at Secret Society Scooter Club -San Francisco
mrstitch donates seat work for shows!

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mc MrStitch

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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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