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Mustang Tops

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Mustang Convertible Tops and Rear Windows -Tonneau Covers

See the Mustang top Pictures click on pictures for full size view

MrStitch is your Authorized Robbins Convertible Top Installer

Len3.jpg (62008 bytes)

in the San Francisco Bay Area

1994 to 2004 Mustang Convertible Tops with Rear Glass Installed

95 Red Mustang Top and Glass 000.jpg (878545 bytes)   95 Red Mustang Top and Glass 001.jpg (899455 bytes)   95 Red Mustang Top and Glass 003.jpg (1204123 bytes)  95 Red Mustang Top and Glass 004.jpg (1135066 bytes)

this 95 mustang was updated with  E-Z ON  Auto Top Assembly
T02358-BLKG-SS Top HH2358-BLKG-SS Glass window


Ford 2007 Mustang Saleen Tonneau Cover
Saleen 2001Mustang Tonneau.JPG (2133503 bytes) Saleen 2001Mustang Tonneau 0.jpg (2822287 bytes) Saleen 2001Mustang Tonneau 02.JPG (2788385 bytes)

Mustang Cobra Tops see the Before and After inner pads updated and rear belt moldings painted
See the old top look that shows the top frame that has a skeleton apperance.
Before After

old top new top

old inner pad new inner pad

 Project 1998 Mustang Cobra Top for E.

 before new top install see the old style with no pad the car top looks like skin and bones

See the oldinner pads  that bows have no pad to the top
New Updates to frame bows   

See the NEW! top installed with the MrStitch inner pad modifications!


Mustang 1998 Tan Robbins Top and Window

Before After
See how we paint the rear and header moldings and replace the screws that are allways in bad shape on all Mustang Tops!

1972 Ford Mustang Cloth Top Project

Fclothside.jpg (141023 bytes)        Fclothrear.jpg (144339 bytes)
Mustang owner Ross Hartzell

We used the same soft top material used on Porsche and Mercedes
it gives this stang that look of  sport and elagance that you can`t  get with a standard vinyl topping

Robbins Top Install Help
Bob Alverez at  New Coast Fabrics helped us with this Project
  HAARTZ Stayfast SG BKG

Mustang top Hartzell 00.JPG (193165 bytes)  Mustang top Hartzell 01.JPG (164905 bytes)
Mr Hartzell`s daughter with car after many years the top still looks great!


1997 Mustang Convertible Top and Glass Window Assembly installed
we replaced the old loose stapled top pads and top coated the rear moldings 

97MustangTopWachman01.JPG (163099 bytes)           97MustangTopWachman02.JPG (169136 bytes)

This cars top now has a 2005 upgrade that has a big thick and mean look that will last for years

Robbins Auto Top 6212 Top and Rear Glass HD311 SS SDG  
for Steven Wachman

1989 Ford Mustang complete top and pad installation

Mustang 89Top Ditlow 000.JPG (1445607 bytes)   Mustang 89Top Ditlow 002.JPG (1278801 bytes)

    for Mike Ditlow

1989 Ford Mustang complete top and pad installation for Mike Ditlow
Mustang 5.0 Convertible Top installation start to finish photos

 Mustang-Top_install 1.bmp (117834 bytes)

Mustang-Top_install 2.jpg (32909 bytes)

Mustang-Top_install 3.jpg (30051 bytes)

 1965 Ford Galaxie Pictures
1965 Ford Galaxie  Rear Window Picture

Coming Soon - 428  Mustang Seat Kit install photos
that we installed for RC Mulcahy

We will add new web info about mustang Seats and Headliners 
How to find your Aftermarket Upholstery Kits


see the mustang logos we custom cut for a vintage stang

we will add many Photos and links to this page

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