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Recent Media Coverage and New! Projects of MrStitch Auto Upholstery Svc

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MrStitch saves the lives of birds at his shop!

with a simple Dead Crow Dummy made with auto upholstery materials!
Crow Dummy Design 0.JPG (3893651 bytes) Crow Dummy Design.JPG (3244115 bytes)
I had hords of crows that appeared!
swooping down and killing the pair of Doves that nested and taught the thier offspring to FLY! for many years!
I got mad at these Crows! Found out they are cowards! (Bullys) And if they see dead crow on the ground they think a predator is in the area!

We can make the DEAD CROW DUMMY for you that makes them leave your area!

MrStitch awards Secret Society Scooter Rage 24 Raffle WINNER!
Scooter 2010.jpg (1155072 bytes)
Joy Caves owner Vespa 07 LX150  a custom made seat in the colors and design for her Scooter
See the seat before we update with new patterns with GONZO logo!

Vespa 07 LX 150 Joy Caves .jpg (2705876 bytes) Vespa 07 LX 150 Joy Caves Gonzo.jpg (3371195 bytes)

Car Show 2010 MrStitch vette with Muscle cars

CarShow MrVette BBQ 2010.jpg (2525411 bytes) CarShow MrVette BBQ 2010 00.jpg (1238294 bytes) CarShow MrVette BBQ 2010 0.JPG (2035565 bytes)

MrStitch Car Show Winner! Best Foreign CAR Mercedes 220SE 8/15/09
MB Award 09_1.jpg (280039 bytes)

See the vehicles with a mrstitch interior entered at the Car Crazy Car Show and BBQ 8/16/08

1965 Mercedes 220 SE Automatic interior restored by mrstitch
for MBG
CarCrazy Show 08 MBG 00.JPG (2529967 bytes)  click to see the complete car prodject web page

1957 Chevy Truck seat for MrNoble
Car Crazy Show 08 Noble 57 Chevy 00.JPG (2265785 bytes)  see the seat restore pics at

MrStitch 1976 L/48 Corvette Carcrazy Show 08 MrVette 00.jpg (3611784 bytes)

The 1969 Chevy Z/28 full restoration green camaro for John Campbell
CarCrazy Show 08 Bad Z28 00.JPG (2007063 bytes)
parked next to the ultimate Original Orange Z owned by StevesCamaro

MrStitch 1969 Chevy Z/28 original interior is entered and judged at the
Palo Alto Concours D`ELEGANCE at Stanford

see the pic of mrstitch at the show! 6/22/08
MrStitch Concours show 2008 00.JPG (2538518 bytes)

See the 1997 Lamborghini VT Roadster owned by Emilio Stoia

Lamborghini 97 VT Roadster 04.jpg (2544535 bytes) Lamborghini 97 VT Roadster 00.JPG (1583047 bytes) Lamborghini 97 VT Roadster 05.JPG (2017967 bytes) 5/10/08
mrstitch and the Toro! at the shop

MrStitch creates custom headrest pad for vintage Crossley Race Car

Crosley car.jpg (200136 bytes)
as specified for William Steele

MrStitch Z/28 Camaro interior
Gets Judged by the top guys
at the

The 41st annual Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance

June 24/07
The John Cambell 1969 Chev Z/28

Z28 Seats Campbell 02.JPG (452547 bytes)
MrStitch Concours show 2008 00.JPG (2538518 bytes)

MrStitch Shop and Corvette goes Green!

installed  Dura Bright Energy saving lamps on all 5 sewing machines!

installed dual catalyic converters on the shop vette
the orignal cat system in 1976 was a single cat setup! that is old tech and did more harm to engine exhaust system that caused more fuel usage!

we also replaced the charcoal fuel vapor canister on the mrstitch vette

We have made the company corvette Green

by adding many aftermarkit ignition and exhaust mods to make the engine run cleaner!
uses less gas and has more power with mods we have done!

to help the bay area air quality

MrStitch Corvette at Dream Machines Show 2007 / 2010
see the pics of the vette with copter

MrVette Dream Machine Show07 08.JPG (807266 bytes)  MrVette Dream Machine Show07 04.JPG (289653 bytes) HMB Car Show 2010.JPG (2260998 bytes) HMB Car Show 2010 MRST Vette.jpg (1751495 bytes) HMB Car Show 2010 MRST Vette 00.jpg (2466494 bytes)

MrStitch and Vette at Car Crazy Promotions
12th Annual Car Show & BBQ
  8/17/07 08 09

MrStitch Lens Vette car show Aug17 08 .JPG (3661246 bytes) MrStitch 1976 L/48 Corvette
Carcrazy Show 08 MrVette 00.jpg (3611784 bytes) 8/17/09

MrStitch WebSite and Google

we have added many auto upholstery web links on the site so people can find products using
  AdSense by Google

MrStitch WebSite and JC Whitney
We have added web links from

New Project : Starsky and Hutch  Custom car seats
starsky.htm 12/8/05

3/3/07 MrStitch installs New front suspension on the shop vette!
Front Composite MonoSpring System from
EZ-ON Top Rep helps MrStitch 1/26/06 with Tech Help from Randy Shirley
2004 Nissan 350Z OEM Top installed for Ricker Motors 1/27/06

MrStitch Company Corvette is shown at Eckler`s Web Site 9/16/05

Daytona Pictures Louvers

MrStitch is Happy to be Named
Authorized Installer of  Robbins Auto Tops

We have installed a cast of thousands of tops and materials with no problems,with the stitching and the Regalite  UV  DOT Plastic Windows

Scott Owen has helped mrstitch many times to install Robbins Tops he has helped us with numerous top tech questions on the fly

they have great! tech help for the  shop installer for any car 

Robbins sent MrStitch their new banner that will be displayed in front of the shop

RobbinsTopBanner.JPG (345861 bytes)  ShopTruckandRobbins02.JPG (237623 bytes)

New! Tandy Leather Company Store
Now Open in San Mateo,CA

MrStitch uses tandy to get snaps and tools not supplied by auto suppliers
and sends customers to find their DIY KITS

132 West 25th Ave. San Mateo, CA 94403
Miguel Daciuk
- Manager
  650 350-1401  Toll Free  800-642-0923

MrStitch Auto Trim Svc trys new Scissors made by KAI

We purchased a pair of the 10inch #7250sl from
and gave it the test!
It cuts smooth and you can just push the scissors thru the material
this high quality Scissors are Great!


MrStitch joins SEMA
Member info

about mrstitch at the shop

One Man Wonder!  Shop Profile March 2002

MrStitch is modifiying a 1976 Corvette for the shop car with seat logos
using Corvette America   Elckler`s Corvette  Parts

See the new web pages


OEM BatCycle Seat and Cart

1963 Nova Seat Photo
Hand cut patterns to create this bench Seat as OEM

Coach Color Owner :Bob Young Convertible Top Photo
Robbins Top and Rear glass window for 1965 Ford Galixie

Photos Page

Get your new car news from Tony Leopardo at Auto Wire.NET
Online Auto info-Events and Reviews

MrStitch Vette at Website  SMOKIN VETTE FORUM 09


Z/28 1969 Camaro blog by mrstitch

South San Francisco American Graffiti Story
"Rod Lopiccolo"

Orange and white  Z/28 known in the 70`s
at SSF El Camino High
and was a mans man, to all that knew him!
he was just like milner in the movie

His girl friend had the fastest time at Champion Raceway driveing his 1969 Z/28
Rod lost his only race in 1978 to LEUKEMIA

Web Changes

See the New Web Sites by

See the Vintage Jim Campos Race Car Pictures

"worlds quickest and fastest" stock bodied '67

Way Back in the Day
at RB Auto
Getting custom upholstery installed at MrStitch Upholstery Svc

Custom padded Header Covers black with red beading
for the Jim Campos 67 Camero


See the Auto Upholstery News at these sites to find your Auto Upholstery info and links

Auto Trim


H0T ROD NEWS! Roddings Largest Online Magazine HotrodHotLine Newsletter  2009
HRHL_Header.jpg (26546 bytes)

MrStitch Tool Cart  AutoTrimNews Story March 1998

Quick and Easy Photo Stop Diablo Dealer Since 1995

Bring your car to the MrStitch shop location
an we take the photo of your Car
we used to do this service but the company stopped this service for now
Try  to add your car for sale

BBB member1993-2001

We stopped being a Better Business Bureau Member
when they sent us a letter, that we could not post our BBB Membership link on our website to show the Top Rating we have at BBB unless we pay hundreds of dollars extra!
to have the bbb logo on our website

Check out the site to see if mrstitch has any Customer Problems BBB WEB

 INDEPENDANT News 1994-2007
Text Listing in Auto Services

MrStitch likes radio station web that plays old info with SF DJAYS
The Sound of San Francisco Song

The Scrounger Auto Ad Svc
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is a
Robbins Top Installer

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is a Authorized Top
 Installer Installer for
 EZ-ON Top
EZ ON Auto Tops
World Uupholstery

Vics Upholstery
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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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