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Hand cut patterns
See what we do to make your job look great

Click on  Pictures  for Full-Size

So you have to make patterns from scratch! No problem!
see how mrstitch created paper patterns to get a custom carpet for a 1965 Cobra
Cobra Red Snake Front Carpet Patterns 00.JPG (1889473 bytes)
Cobra Red Snake Front Carpet Patterns 01.JPG (1907133 bytes)  Cobra Red Snake Front Carpets Sewn 00.JPG (1776360 bytes)
Cobra Red Snake Rear Carpet Patterns 00.JPG (1512187 bytes) Cobra Red Snake Rear Carpet Patterns 000.JPG (1819806 bytes) Cobra Red Snake Rear Carpet Patterns 05.JPG (3599448 bytes)

Auto Headliner Panel  Logos

Alf SS01.jpg (158532 bytes)      Alf SS03.jpg (174356 bytes)     Alf SS04.jpg (152876 bytes)

get your Auto molded board customized now!
with our hand cut designs

MrStitch (PMC) Professional Machine Covers!

We can make any style slip on covers for your Equipment!
this wiil save your company money  when you eliminate dust and dirt contaminating your electronic devices!

see the cover made for a Midtronics Unit at Hansons Mercedes Technology
Hansons Tech Test Unit.jpg (1336797 bytes) Hansons Midtronics Cover.JPG (3231389 bytes) Hansons Midtronics Cover 0.JPG (1317748 bytes)

Custom Amp Cover Pattern
with 1/4 inch pad and cloth backing
for Victoria Amplifier

Fethe new pattern01.jpg (95593 bytes)
see the Finished Custom Amp Cover web site

Wood Panels covered for
PHAT 928
in Allante` Vinyl

Phat01.jpg (213580 bytes)

See the Finished- 928 Custom Panels Installed
Phat#1.jpg (328213 bytes)
Phat#2.jpg (317937 bytes) Phat#3.jpg (314071 bytes) Phat#4.jpg (316306 bytes)


Many Import cars have cloth seats with vinyl side sections that are in good shape,
we can sew in new padded inserts copying the Original Design
Saving you a lot of money when you are keeping the car that has low miles but looks bad seat wise

See the old patterns and the New!
Cloth Inserts old patterns.jpg (511464 bytes)

Cloth Inserts.jpg (586330 bytes)    Cloth Inserts 02.jpg (513612 bytes)

Cloth Foamed Backed Replacement
sewn with  5/8 inch pink firm foam 

Leather to Vinyl for Ford XLT SEATS
EReplace the perforated inserts and side sections

We can replace your torn mocha color leather with Vinyl

ford xlt seat leather to vinyl.gif (597319 bytes)  Ford XLT patterns.jpg (558960 bytes)  Ford XTL Vinyl.jpg (521320 bytes)

See the Yellow sections we have sewn into this
Aftermarket Doorpanel kit

1965 Mustang Custom Cut

 Webb mustang panel 1.jpg (51885 bytes)
for a 65 Mustang owned by William Webb ||


See our LOGOS page for more mustang photos

Bike Seat Pattern Photos
see the many patterns it takes to copy and sew
to complete a basic pleated motorcycle seat design

 MCseat2.jpg (101467 bytes)    MCseat3.jpg (105027 bytes) 

Basic drawing motorcycle seat
copying the Original heat sealed design

to sew the pattern

See our motorcycle web site Bike Seats

Ask us about your
Auto-Headliner- Seat Design- Panels or Logo
info install request

Specialized Services


3 and 5 Year  warrantys


One of a Kind pattern on all jobs


Your choice materials used

Need a pattern?
or want to send your car seat patterns to be made? as you want!
Contact :


is a
Robbins Top Installer

  RobbinsLogotop.jpg (23250 bytes)
SEMA logo.gif (6007 bytes) MrStitch
is a Authorized Top
 Installer Installer for
 EZ-ON Top
EZ ON Auto Tops
World Uupholstery

Vics Upholstery
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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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