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Police Svc

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Light Bar Covers

180.00 Each plus UPS ground shipping
We  make with in UV Coated Carbon Fiber Vinyl  Black - White - Yellow  - Red 
Bunge cord -Velcro straps  with (Out of Service) or any TEXT front and rear.
All we need is (Height) (Width) (Length) of your Light Bar cover to make your patterns!


We can make your Police / Fire and Emergency light bar covers!

lenSMPD1.jpg (81492 bytes) MrStitch

Get the cover you need when the vehicle is not in Service!
  Easy installations!  Velcro Pull Straps and Bungy cords
UPS shipping with Tracking# on all Orders
MrStitch can make any cover from specs supplied!  Height - Width - Length 

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Patterns in Black or White with ( OUT OF SERVICE) Text
Tahoe Nat'l Forest LightBar Patterns 0.jpg (3835306 bytes) Monroe County HD LightBar Patterns 0.JPG (1545350 bytes)

see the patterns made before we sew together with Air Vents


NEW! Custom Text for Brentwood PD  Code3 21TR light bar cover
 “VOLUNTEER” on the front of it and the back is clear so the amber lights can be seen. 

for Officer Decker at Brentwood PD

SMPD Custom Lightbar Covers with rear clear plastic as specified for Sgt. Ehrlich SMPD




White Light Bar Covers with Black  (OUT OF SERVICE)  Text
 White out of service light bar cover 1.jpg (2228945 bytes)  White out of service lightbar cover 2.jpg (2498525 bytes) MCHD White LightBar Cover 00.jpg (1546837 bytes) MCHD White LightBar Cover 01.JPG (1544643 bytes)
For Monroe County Health Department Key West, Florida
The Historic Gato Cigar Factory
Comment from Andrew Bulla, Facility & Fleet Operations:

Have to share that we received full value – the covers fit like a glove, are rugged yet flexible, and will stay on at high speed.

Light Bar Covers  Front and Rear ( Out of Service) Text for OC Parks

OC Park Lightbar Cover.jpg (259684 bytes)  OC Park Lightbar Cover 0.jpg (281622 bytes)  OC Park Lightbar Cover 00.jpg (241090 bytes)
 For Kevin McKeown / Supervising Park Ranger OC Parks
For Sean Bengtson Park Ranger 2 Limestone Canyon & Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park
Orange County

Whelen Series 500 LED Cover in Black carbon fibre with bunge cord sewn

LightBar Cover Whelen 500 LED 00.JPG (1776346 bytes)   LightBar Cover Whelen 500 Led 0.JPG (3298876 bytes)
49 1/2 inches in length, 12 inches wide, and 2 1/2 inches tall
for the Rowan University Dept of Safety Police Car

Light Bar Covers with (Out of Service)

Whelen Ultra LED
NPPD Lightbar covers 002.jpg (2779788 bytes)
NPPD Lightbar covers 003.jpg (2947836 bytes) NPPD Lightbar covers 004.jpg (2840168 bytes)

For Normandy Park PD

Gotham PD Patrol Car  Lightbar Cover
Whelen Liberty 48.5

 Customer comment: Thanks for the quick turn around with the cover, it's fits perfectly!
it's a Gotham City Police Car from the new Batman movies (The Dark Knight).
Brandon Constant
Kratos Defense

92 Utah Highway Patrol B4C Lightbar

Out of Service Text Samples
Lightbar Out of Service 0.jpg (2583882 bytes) Lightbar Out of Service 00.JPG (2963165 bytes) MCHD White LightBar Cover 0.JPG (1616431 bytes)SF Park Police LightBar Covers.JPG (2454299 bytes)  MCHD White LightBar Cover 02.jpg (2300421 bytes)  VintageCar Out of Service.JPG (3566691 bytes)

Code 3 Led LightBar Pattern BPD CODE 3 LightBar 0.JPG (1237977 bytes)

Janesville PD Cover
for Sergeant Brian Vaughn JanesvillePD

Greenlee County PD

Dukes of Hazzard PD RoscoCar

mrstitch made a LightBar Cover for Dukes of Hazzard Car Show for Promotion 

Ambulance Light Bar Covers
CC Ambulance.jpg (2420959 bytes)
Central Coast Ambulance

Whelen Liberty LED LightBar for Winner Ford in New Jersey 3/25/09
LightBar Cover Liberty LED 0.JPG (1582546 bytes) LightBar Cover Liberty LED 00.JPG (2608400 bytes) LightBar Cover Liberty LED 02.jpg (1708781 bytes)
Carbon Fiber Vinyl with Velcro Straps and Stayfast Binding with air vents


New! LB400 White Bunge Style covers for NASA-DFRC

LB400 white bunge style 00.JPG (1216963 bytes)  Nasa Lightbar.jpg (1067622 bytes)   LB400 white bunge style 0.JPG (1213066 bytes)

BPD  Code 3 LightBar Cover

BPD Light bar Cover 00.JPG (1455261 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 03.JPG (1928956 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 0.JPG (1435406 bytes)

 BPD Light bar Cover 01.JPG (1410708 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 02.JPG (1506159 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 04.JPG (1179760 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 05.JPG (1261656 bytes) BPD Light bar Cover 06.JPG (1300786 bytes)

Marine vinyl with air vents and velcro straps


SMPD Light Bar Covers
     SMPD 2008 cover in White vinyl with air hole vents

SMPD LightBar 2008 02.JPG (1350001 bytes) 
SMPD LightBar 2008 00.JPG (1121436 bytes)  SMPD LightBar 2008 01.JPG (1165928 bytes)

SMPD cover.jpg (99945 bytes)   wpe45816.gif (447624 bytes)  SMPD shop .jpg (108278 bytes)  smpdbar.jpg (88500 bytes)  SMPD LightBar 000.jpg (152524 bytes)

Modifications as Specified

 changed the location of the sewn factory pocketsSMPD vest mod 01.jpg (93625 bytes)


Light Bar Cover for Daly City DCPD
DCPD LightBar Cover 004.JPG (1566579 bytes)  DCPD LightBar Cover 006.JPG (1942399 bytes)  DCPD LightBar Cover 001.JPG (1595910 bytes)  DCPD LightBar Cover 003.JPG (1625805 bytes)  DCPD LightBar Cover 005.JPG (2646640 bytes)
Federal Signal ARJENT 52 LightBar
DCPD LightBar Cover 002.JPG (2177722 bytes)   DCPD LightBar Cover 000.JPG (1496887 bytes)


See the Vintage Single Fire Chief Car Light and Custom cover on top of the MrStitch Vette

Lens76VettePolice03.JPG (198988 bytes)  FireChief Light 01 .JPG (154751 bytes)  FireChief Light 02.JPG (153128 bytes)

Custom Light bar cover for Millbrae MPD Car
_police_2.gif (22142 bytes) MPD LightBar 000.jpg (735237 bytes) MPD LightBar 001.jpg (498367 bytes)


Seat Mod for SMPD

 Vintage Crown Victoria
remove center arm rests and modify seat frame for installation of computer console

Police Seat mod side.jpg (89820 bytes)
Police Seat mod center.jpg (88452 bytes)

  Motorcycle seat mods

We can scoop out the foam in your Police bike seat to lower you about 2 inches 

wpe49570.gif (311360 bytes)     wpe47335.gif (270489 bytes)

Kawasaki Seat mod for Officer Barbara Fuller

Fire Dept Seats and Equipment Covers made by MrStitch

Coastside Fire Station #40
Coastside FireDept Truck 0.jpg (1801268 bytes) Coastside FireDept Truck 00.jpg (3250643 bytes) Coastside FireDept Truck 01.jpg (3034925 bytes) Coastside FireDept Truck02.jpg (1501430 bytes) Coastside FireDept Truck 03.jpg (1558041 bytes)
Compressor cover with pocket for

Custom Tonneau Covers
See the cover we made for Production Medics Vehicle using diamond steel Tonneau Vinyl
Production Medics Vehicle 0.jpg (2960497 bytes) Production Medics Tonneau Cover 0.jpg (3169531 bytes) Production Medics Tonneau Cover 00_1.jpg (450864 bytes) Production Medics Tonneau Cover 03.JPG (3332991 bytes)

Seats and Logos sewn for WoodSide Fire Dept
WoodSide Fire Dept Medic107 Seat 00.JPG (1751270 bytes)  Medic #107 Seat

BeforeWoodSide Fire Dept Old Seats 00.JPG (2348252 bytes) WoodSide Fire Dept Old Seats 0.JPG (2135503 bytes)AfterWoodSide Fire Dept New Seats 00.JPG (1737113 bytes) WoodSide Fire Dept New Seats 0.JPG (1838670 bytes)

For Woodside Fire Protection
Inspector Mike Slaughter

San Mateo Fire Dept  CAL FIRE Seats

Fire Captian Melvin Gage E-1771

Cal Fire Dept Seats.jpg (2952445 bytes)  Cal Fire Dept Seats 0.jpg (2603781 bytes)

MrStitch Updates Fire Truck Seats See the old patterns

 Cal Fire Dept Old Patterns 00.jpg (3530302 bytes) Cal Fire Seat 2 .JPG (3004312 bytes) Cal Fire Dept Old Patterns 0.jpg (4004224 bytes) Cal Fire Seat 2 Cushion Springs.JPG (3710809 bytes) Cal Fire Seats.jpg (2994565 bytes)

Seat Frames Welded

MrStitch Updates Fire Truck Seats!
    Get your Fire Engine Seats Recovered! by


Find or sell your Vintage FireArms , Swords, Hand Made Leather Holsters
Krausewerk  650 571-7583

Bay Area Fire Arms Instruction

Dom`s Outdoor Outfitters

1966 BatMan Police Motorcycle Photos

See MrStitch working on SMPD Light Bar 
www.mrstitch Police Car Photo

PATROL CAR  Upholstery Kits
Ready to Install! for Crown Victoria


SMPD www.sanmateo/police

www.milbrae/police www.milbrae/police

DCPD www.dcpd/police


Police Bike Repair Service in San Mateo

Doug`s Motorcycle Svc
Police Motorcycle repair and svc
1053 Claremont  San Mateo CA
650 570 6768


Fallen Officers SMPD we miss them!

Officer Bruce Shelton SMPD
Police Motorcycle Officer
Hit by vehicle on his day off while riding his Bicycle!

He used to stop over at the gun shop on his police motorcycle every week , get off the bike, and look at what I was working on the bench our the car, and would say something about the day! 
that had nothing to do with his police work that would made me laugh!

He was police at his job and could also be, just a local guy.

 Gordon R. Joinville SMPD Juvenile Detective Bureau.
KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY MAY 23, 1968 by a scumbag!!
You can see full Story about Officer
Gordon R. Joinville SMPD at Bob Leutens Web

He caught me putting a garden hose in a empty house when i was in the 7th grade. He told me they found my prints on the window sill.
me the chowderhead that was never finger printed! confessed! immediatley!! 

He was a good guy to us kids! and just wanted us to think about what happens when you brake the law doing stupid stuff to peoples property.

Al Ajuria SMPD was good police and was a upholster like me!  Cancer took this Officer

Lt. Barbara Hammerman SMPD
mrstitch did some upholstery work for her when she was at SMPD
she was very professional and had many new ideas!
mrstitch will miss her passing from Cancer

  Thanks to SMPD Police Officers

Chuck Johnson,Karen Franco,Gordon Sefiert, Lisa Rankin, Gorden R. Joinville,Harry Agoff, Bruce Shelton, Barbara Hammerman,Mike Schroeder,  Lou Delagrande
for the great PD help and service in San Mateo!

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