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MrStitch is your Installer for PUI Seat Kits

Find your cars kit on the net and we can install for you!

We will install all kit Options for your vehicle

Comfortweave- Elk -Houndstooth -Madrid -Oxen -Sierra
Standard or Deluxe

     This page shows the pros and cons about pui materials and how the company will help you replace the sent covers that have heat sealed problems and sewing mistakes that may happen.

PUI Seat kit for 1979 Pontiac Firebird Customer Barbara VAUDT
Purchased from
See the problems we found when installing seat kit You be the Judge!

This inspector gave the ok! at the plant for these poorly sewn patterns
Now see the problems with seats

Seat Backrest Buttons oem/pui

We are not going to install the PUI Buttons that came with kit! we are takeing the time to remove the oem buttons dye them to update

Great Customer Service at Classic! Christian  is sending New replacement seat kit. We will post pictures of the set when completed!

 PUI  Install project 5/5/07 1969 Camaro Z/28
for John Campbell

Z28 Campbell Front Seats00.JPG (3110033 bytes) the best in 07 see the Z/28 PROFILE PAGE

see what a PUI seat kit from YearOne and American Cushions foam pads looks like when we install it !

Padilla 67ChevSS01.jpg (44719 bytes)   Padilla 67ChevSS02.jpg (46807 bytes)
Click on photos for full size

  these PUI seat KITS LOOK GREAT!

We mig weld all the broken springs together
We add burlap to the frame and spray the back rest and cushion metal covers with Kent Automotive satin then install new plastic chrome beading with end clips

  we are installing a kit in smooth elk for a 72 El Camino
Bench seat
This kit fits great and has all the seams inline
pics coming soon

See the PUI Seat Kit Problem Pictures
What is the story?

Z28 Campbell  PUI Blem 00.JPG (3903398 bytes)

their standard kits are not heat sealed properly, the seams are uneven,
the Jobbers that supply the covers and the customers that purchase this product are all very pissed off when they see the installed covers

The job has to be redone to make our Customers  happy!

PUI does not pay the installer for the removal and replacement  time and labor to fix!
Plus the middle man looses time reordering , this makes us both look bad!

The team at pui sends you replacement covers when needed to the vendor, the finished installtion looks like back in the  day  and every body is happy!

STEVE'S CAMAROS  ordered a set of covers for his customer Rich Burns
for a 1970 Silver Chevelle

We started the rear seat cushion install and found the seams poping loose as the covers were installed in the sun


1970  Chevelle Rear Cushion

SteveCameros02.JPG (169638 bytes)   SteveCameros01.JPG (151741 bytes) click and see unsealed pleats that are unacceptable spends a lot of time ordering and reordering plus shipping and handling

MrStitch had to remove and replace the problem covers, and like Steve we are not paid for the extra time and labor to fix these seat blems that can be solved by better quality control at pui.

CLASSIC Industries Kit   800 854-1280

Sold to Mitch Stewart for a 1970 454 Red Chevelle

The heat sealed seams are coming loose due to poor quality control at the PUI plant

PUI 1970 Chevelle01CJPG.JPG (250186 bytes)  PUI 1970 Chevelle02.JPG (389160 bytes) SEE THE BAD SEAMS ON THIS chevy Kit!!
Click on the seams

where is the quality control at PUI??

We hope they see the problems and help all of the people and companys that know that this can be a reliable seat kit company

GET YOUR CarSeat Upholstery Kit now! and we will install it for you!

we have installed kits from these companys and many more!



Thanks to

Steve at Steves Camaros  -  PUI DEALER  for helping many of our Customers get their Seat Kits installed

Jeff Leonard
: for helping with the PUI Kit Tag info  Installers tell PUI  your seat install story

Janet Newton : at Classic Industries E MAIL

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