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Seat Repairs/Mods

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MrStitch Seating Service!
We can copy the OEM Design with 1st quality Vinyl
for Auto and Marine applications
Plus we can fix any seat foam and frame problem!


We match the original Factory OEM

We foam back all side sections - by default
to give your seat that special look you only see at car shows
Factory and Aftermarket  Trimcovers
are installed  for 58.00 per Hour

frame work labor is extra
broken spring mig- welding / webbing / foam replacements
See the Enduratex site

We have made many  seat replacement  sections for all Vehicles and companies plus Gov.
FD,PD,SMC, At&T, Comcast
School Bus Seat mods
See our Truck Seat web page

Click on photos

2011 Chevy Impala LS Rear Seat Mod by MrStitch™ Impala LS Design fix!

Removing the center Headrest that blocks view!
We can do this update for Impala owners for 280.00

See the pictures of the center section removed for customer that could not see traffic from the rear view mirror or just turning head and looking back!

Before After

See the interior new view with seat foam modification

MrStitch knows that this rear seat mod for 2011 Chevy Impala LS can be a DOT Approved!
Design for GM Manufactuer Rear Seat View  Problem!
 Its simple and fast to do! to save the manufacture funds with design problem, and keep the owner of vehicle on the road! with this service.

Customer brings car to shop we remove rearseat backrest.  Customer does not have to leave vehicle. they come back when seat mod is completed in 2 days 
 GM can have this service done at our shop for 280.00


Rear Seats Top Section replaced! by mrstitch 160.00
Does your rear seat have sunburned  split seams and dried up look?
 We can fix the problem by sewing in a New! top section this will save you by not having to replace the upholstery!
See the before and after pictures of our MrStitch™ Rear Cap

Audi Headrests Repaired

Fix the unsightly appearance of the split open seams with the (MrStitch©Audi Headrest Covers)
see the new look! before and after

Before Audi Headrest old 02.JPG (1590062 bytes) Audi Headrest old 03.JPG (1516029 bytes) Audi Headrest old.JPG (1597593 bytes) Audi Headrest old 0.JPG (1670059 bytes) Audi Headrest old 00.JPG (1528271 bytes) Audi Headrest old 01.JPG (1622968 bytes)

After Audi Headrest new 00.JPG (1640459 bytes) Audi Headrest new 01.JPG (1597569 bytes) Audi Headrest new 0.JPG (1551834 bytes) Audi Headrest new 03.JPG (1693624 bytes) Audi Headrest new .JPG (1682386 bytes)

Audi Headrest new 04.JPG (1663275 bytes)Audi Headrest new 02.jpg (2962120 bytes)

Customer Comment :That is amazing! What a genius idea! Looks better than the original design -- and will never fail again!

   We can fix the 2014 ACURA HEADREST  that are angled  and are a problem with proper seating. 

Ford XLT Seat  Leather to Vinyl Replacements
see how we can copy the XLT Leather to Vinyl
OEM Design copy patterns photos 


Rear Seat Repairs
We can replace the top sections of your seats

Get your Rear Seat Repaired
when you have
Sunburned or torn
top sections

AnyCarSombrero01.JPG (131404 bytes)  AnyCarSombrero02.JPG (176151 bytes)

   rear seat backrest for
a 1993 Nissan Altima
that has been recovered
by cutting out the old dried up Leather sections
and making foamed back patterns with OEM Vinyl

We did this job for:
Any Car Auto Svc
404 East 19 Ave. San Mateo,CA
Victor Vargas


Vintage 1963 Chevy Seat

63nova.jpg (173540 bytes)
Original Vinyl and Fabric patterns cut to restore seat with orignal style with updated inner firm foam with sewn backing to give it  the custom fit!

this is a bold statement ! when the car door is opened
see the special look  with the seats made by mrstitch


Custom Bike Seats and Bar Stools Customized!
Bike seat with Triangle.jpg (356724 bytes)
DeLorean Seats recovered by MrStitch
DeLorean Seat.jpg (860621 bytes)



Half Moon Bay Fire Protection District
Jump Seat
FireDept Truck DeniumSeat.JPG (2721580 bytes)

we recovered this 911 seat with vintage heavy duty Fargo Vinyl

HMB FPD jumpseat 002.JPG (2674836 bytes)  HMB FPD jumpseat 004.jpg (2384458 bytes)  HMB FPD jumpseat 003.JPG (3548380 bytes)


Bus Seats fixed and repaired
Serra High School Bus Seats

we fixed the inner seat panels that came unglued and caused the the seat frames to expose the inner metal frame

Serra Bus seat 000.JPG (363297 bytes)  Serra bus seat 00.jpg (2138363 bytes)  Serra bus seat 010.JPG (1832350 bytes)  Serra bus seat 01.JPG (1986776 bytes)  Serra bus seat 02.JPG (1893021 bytes)
Serra bus seat 04.JPG (1979376 bytes)  Serra bus seat 05.JPG (1523876 bytes)


Tractor Seats Restored

Tractor Seat Restore 008.JPG (1956066 bytes) Tractor Seat Restore 007.JPG (2599008 bytes) Tractor Seat Restore 006.JPG (1612939 bytes)

See how we restored this tractor with marine grade plywood and Bolta Soft from
omsb1006 Bluebird Green

Tractor Seat Restore 001.JPG (2118257 bytes)   Tractor Seat Restore 002.JPG (2124724 bytes)   Tractor Seat Restore 004.JPG (1754890 bytes)   Tractor Seat Restore 005.JPG (1889950 bytes)         

  Cat 955 seat recovered as specified for Jim Russel Tractor Seat Russel 00.jpg (694186 bytes)

JEEP SEATS for 1970 CJ5

  Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 Old Style 0.JPG (1782109 bytes)  Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 old frames.JPG (1947728 bytes)  Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 Frame.jpg (2421418 bytes)
Old Vinyl Patterns and  Frames before and after powder coat

Burlap applied to seats
Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 Frame Burlap.JPG (1998724 bytes)

Finished new style
Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 New Patterns 01.jpg (3101205 bytes) Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 New Patterns 0.jpg (2906468 bytes) Jeep Seats 70 CJ5 New Patterns.jpg (3336674 bytes)

See the new look of the vintage seats after we update the inner frame assembly with burlap and foam and CARBON FIBRE VINYL

For Wilkinson Construction

Get your Jeep seats recovered by 

1970 Ford Bench Seat
OEM Design Copy by mrstitch

You have seen the kits on the net
they do not look like this installed

Mavseat2.jpg (95088 bytes)   Mavpattern.jpg (45492 bytes)

We made this seat from old OEM patterns
for Chris Enos -  Miracle Auto Painting 

Window Seats Recovered
Window Seat old 0.jpg (3357886 bytes) Window Seat new 00.jpg (2822854 bytes)
old and new patterns installed  for Home Nooks

Tam holds the custom cushion we made as Specified
Artic Brown 42oz vinyl with buttons

  Tamseat.jpg (8936 bytes)    Tamseat01.jpg (46244 bytes)

Van Seat Commercial use Deli see the old seat before we updated!
Before after
Seat many Web site Photos

Green Emerald  Vinyl - Pad Cushions
we made for Golden Lotus

Lotus01.JPG (153725 bytes)

Thanks to Andy and Betty
Classic antique reproduction oriental with modern function
Customer can special order with their choice of wood species
More than 10 type of wood and color available to choose from
Design your own furniture and we built for you with your choice if wood

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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved!

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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