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 Wind Deflector/ Seat Attached WindScreens  for your Convertible
any model can be custom made !
OEM Style and look

mrstitch®WindScreens Pictures and Sample Chart

Windscreen Mesh Chart.jpg (2811077 bytes) Mesh Color Chart

T-Bird 2004 White WindScreen 01.jpg (3111647 bytes) MrStitch with WindScreen 0.JPG (1464103 bytes) Merc 450SL WindScreen 04.JPG (1940843 bytes)

Get your Convertible fitted with a Custom MrStitchTM Windscreen Deflector

We can make Patterns that fit your cars Headrest and seat back designs
Import and Domestic Cars can be fitted with this Screen

We can make a custom windscreen for any car
you can bring your car to mrstitch shop!
so we can make your patterns

Ask MrStitch about your cars set up

our Wind Deflector attaches to your cars headrest or your seat back
Our Flexible MrStitch®WindScreens are lite and made of tough materials with UV Coatings

if you get in a collision, our windscreen will not hurt you our your children!

Merc 450SL WindScreen 05.jpg (4271737 bytes) WindScreenJason.JPG (168639 bytes) Merc 450SL WindScreen 03.JPG (2521615 bytes)

unlike Fixed positioned Plexie glass units that could Split / Shatter or cut you and your family / pets!

Convertible Cockpit Wind Diverters
Stop the Wind Turbulence in your car when the top is down!
reduce wind buffeting
/ negative air flow

NEW!  Mazda Miata WindScreens  See the new look you will have!


Bmw Z3

BMW Z3 Windscreen 0.jpg (2277446 bytes) BMW Z3 Windscreen 01.JPG (2853660 bytes)

Euro 86 Porsche Cabriolet Wind Deflector

Center screen Insert option with Velcro!
 see the screen without the center insert insert attached
see the car without our design install

Mercedes 450 SL Windscreens

Merc SL Windscreen Black 00.jpg (2973041 bytes) Merc SL Windscreen Black.jpg (3033138 bytes)

Merc 450SL WindScreen 00.jpg (3382431 bytes) Merc 450SL WindScreen 02.jpg (2370484 bytes) Merc 450SL WindScreen 01.jpg (2995730 bytes) Merc 450SL WindScreen 03.JPG (2521615 bytes)
This gives the car a unique look! even when the hard top is on!

See our 2004  Ford Thunderbird WindScreens
  04T-Bird02.jpg (46131 bytes)   04T-Bird01.jpg (64733 bytes)   04T-Bird05.jpg (46194 bytes)

2002 T-Bird WindScreen with Bead color to match interior
MrStitch WindScreens Bead colors.JPG (2836767 bytes)
04 T-Bird in white
T-Bird 2004 White WindScreen 0.jpg (3452743 bytes) T-Bird 2004 White WindScreen 00_1.jpg (422753 bytes) T-Bird 2004 White WindScreen 02.JPG (1502035 bytes) T-Bird 2004 White WindScreen 03.jpg (3253515 bytes)

Custom Ford Oxford White Vinyl with Green accent bead
T-Bird 2004 White Green-WindScreen 0.JPG (1369470 bytes) DoyonT-Bird 04.JPG (1084275 bytes)
T-Bird 2004 White Green-WindScreen 03.JPG (1478685 bytes)
for Doug Doyon 2004 Thunderbird wiil post pic in spring

Porsche WindScreens

911SC  Cabriolet Carrera  930Turbo  944  968  993

Windscreen Porsche 911 006_1.JPG (573252 bytes)  Windscreen Porsche 911 005_1.JPG (757818 bytes)  Windscreen 2.0 Porsche 000_1.JPG (875656 bytes)  Windscreen 2.0 Porsche 002_1.JPG (1000692 bytes)

See the two styles Full and Dual Screen
with center section that covers between the seats down to the center console

Windscreen Porsche 911 004_1.JPG (824631 bytes)   Windscreen Porsche 911 000.JPG (846401 bytes)  Windscreen Porsche 911 001.JPG (2228322 bytes) 

Get your seat color added if you want a custom look

Windscreen Porsche 911 0001.JPG (1610814 bytes)  Windscreen Porsche 911 0000.JPG (807080 bytes)  T-Bird 2004 White Green-WindScreen 03_1.jpg (324909 bytes)

83 Porsche 911SC Wind Deflector in Tan mesh with Alligator sides  get some bling!

83 Porsche 911SC Tan Wind Deflector 00.jpg (3686920 bytes) 83 Porsche 911SC Tan Wind Deflector.jpg (3801864 bytes) 83 Porsche 911SC Tan Wind Deflector 0.jpg (2880094 bytes)
Custom made for Dave Fleischman APEX Racing LLC


Corvette 68 -82 Targa Top style MrStitchTM Sun Screen Covers

Like to drive your C3 Corvette without the t-tops on but do not have time between stops to reinstall the T-tops
this is the answer! Slip on and Snap thats it!

Full Black Screen Mesh or Custom Bead accent to match color of vette
Corvette T-Top Blue Sun Screen.jpg (3167266 bytes) Corvette T-Top Blue Sun Screen 0.jpg (3284751 bytes)
Leave your t-tops at home with this top.Feel the open air and block the sun at the same time!
Corvette T-Top Black Sun Screen 00.JPG (2873241 bytes) Corvette T-Top Black Sun Screen 0.JPG (2061307 bytes) Corvette T-Top Black Sun Screen.JPG (3741511 bytes)
Get the new look that know one has! See the 76 T-TOP Corvette with Black Mesh screen cover

NEW! Obliterate obnoxious wind noise with the Yakima Roof Rack Wind Fairing.

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MrStitch® Designs and materials are Made in the USA
International Championship Auto Show Winner / Rod and Custom
 See !the MrStitch 1966 Batcycle Project  George Barris approved! 

Mr. Barris started it all ! creating new patterns and designs


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