Triumph Mayflower

1949-1953, 35000 produced

Carpet and Headliner Installations
for a pair of Mayflowers

see the pictures it looks like a mini Rolls Royce

TriumphMayflower09.JPG (254014 bytes)    TriumphMayflower11.JPG (152055 bytes)     MayflowerTriumph Black 000_2.JPG (234049 bytes)   MayflowerTriumph Black 01_1.JPG (193839 bytes)

1st we pulled out the old nasty carpet and pad

TriumphMayflower12.JPG (356304 bytes)

then sprayed the rusty floor with
Kent Automotive Satin Black metal paint
that seals the surface, so we can glue in the new padding

TriumphMayflower01.JPG (214564 bytes)  TriumphMayflower02.JPG (221682 bytes)

2nd The pad was cut to fit the floor contour
TriumphMayflower04.JPG (280147 bytes)  TriumphMayflower05.JPG (317065 bytes)

3rd carpet patterns are then cut by hand to have that style to fit the Mayflower look from back in the day

TriumphMayflower07.JPG (232439 bytes)    TriumphMayflower08.JPG (221657 bytes) 

4th sew the binding to the carpet patterns and the heel pad

TriumphMayflower10.JPG (194929 bytes)     TriumphMayflower17.JPG (222977 bytes)     TriumphMayflower13.JPG (178234 bytes)

See the finished carpets

TriumphMayflower27.JPG (238613 bytes)     TriumphMayflower26.JPG (208273 bytes)

Glue new pad to roof panels that never had insulation from the factory

TriumphMayflower15.JPG (215355 bytes)    TriumphMayflower16.JPG (445225 bytes)

Next Task! HEADLINER RECOVER the Original panel boards!

make new sections from old patterns and cover them with Vinyl as specified
Original rear panels were stapled together, so they have to be removed,one at a time to save the patterns
This takes a lot of time.but the headliner will still have the OEM style when vinyl is glued.
The panels were then sanded to remove the 59 thin covering 

TriumphMayflower14.JPG (191992 bytes)   TriumphMayflower19.JPG (186597 bytes)   TriumphMayflower21.JPG (160038 bytes)   TriumphMayflower20.JPG (159376 bytes)

See the finished headliner assembly
TriumphMayflower25.JPG (147361 bytes)  

This job was brought to mrstitch by

Half Moon Bay Auto Repair and Body
See the Website

we did a custom covered speaker box for  HMBAuto
Materials are from New Coast Fabrics
carpet,binding,pad,Headliner vinyl

Links to old Triumph Cars
coming soon

Triumph Spitfire Convertible top and tonneau covers installed

Spitfire Convertible Top.jpg (1656740 bytes) Spitfire Convertible Top 00.jpg (1775059 bytes)  Spitfire79 Old Top.jpg (2298913 bytes)

Triumph Spitfire 1980
Spitfire 80 Cloth Top 0.jpg (2660793 bytes) Spitfire 80 Cloth Top.jpg (3506737 bytes)
Install Cloth Top Restore Frame
First remove the surface rust then clean and paint the convertible top frame
BeforeSpitfire 80 Top Frame OLD 0.JPG (1599538 bytes) Spitfire 80 Top Frame OLD 00.JPG (3608803 bytes) Spitfire 80 Top Frame OLD.JPG (1729112 bytes)
After Spitfire 80 Top Frame New Paint 00.jpg (2379904 bytes) Spitfire 80 Top Frame New Paint.jpg (2957032 bytes) Spitfire 80 Top Frame New Paint 01.jpg (2145259 bytes)

See the 79 Model Triumph get updated! Seats with cloth center sections
Spitfire Seats in cloth.jpg (3561126 bytes)

Triumph TR-6 Cloth Convertible Tops

TR-6 Cloth Top 01.jpg (2398872 bytes) TR-6 Cloth Top 00.jpg (3466965 bytes) TR-6 Cloth Top.JPG (3510051 bytes)
See the look of canvas! instead of oem vinyl on this 1973 model

Links to websites that sell kits

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