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Malibu SS

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Chevy Malibu SS upholstery
l-o-g-2.jpg (167483 bytes) Malibu Rear SeatBowtie.jpg (659859 bytes) Malibu Front SeatBowtie.jpg (622421 bytes)
Custom Bowtie Designs Sewn

mrstitch installs aftermarket seat and foam kits

seat frame restoration / Burlap webbing
inner frame springs and foam mods

Click on pictures for full size

1967 Chevy Malibu OEM Style headliners installed

67 Chevy Blue Malibu 01.jpg (44898 bytes)  67 Chevy Blue Malibu Headliner 03.jpg (38954 bytes)

1969 Chevy Malibu
Malibu 1969 Armando 0.JPG (3454645 bytes) Malibu 1969 Armando 00.JPG (2335299 bytes) Malibu 1969 Armando 01.jpg (173063 bytes)
for Armando Rocha

Custom Chevelle Malibu
JonnChevelle01.JPG (448305 bytes) Chevelle Seats Jonn.JPG (1710901 bytes)
for Jon Rubick

1965 Chevy Copper Malibu Seats and Headliner

  Malibu Copper 65 Shop 02.JPG (2174063 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Shop 0.JPG (2238592 bytes)

Project for Dan Topoian
12/09 to 3/10
Before and After

Malibu Copper 65 HLiner old 00.jpg (3130494 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 HLiner old 0.jpg (3495129 bytes)
See the inner Headliner Bulkhead bent from major roof damage!
(previous body shop did not align front header when they refinished roof. Actually push up the panel to fit flush with center hanger.)

Malibu Copper 65 HLiner new 0.JPG (1654875 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 HLiner new 00.jpg (3114594 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 HLiner new 01.JPG (1662885 bytes)
New Acme Sunvisors and Headliner installed with Yearone moldings!! Plus MrStitch™ sailpanel top stitch to seal the Quarters.
See the new Sunvisors and Headliner Sail panels from Acme that we installed
Malibu Copper 65 NEW sunvisors 0 .JPG (957820 bytes)Malibu Copper 65 NEW HL panels 0.jpg (1760585 bytes)
Malibu Copper 65 Seats.JPG (1817228 bytes)Malibu Copper 65 Seats 0.jpg (1624335 bytes)Malibu Copper 65 Seats 02.JPG (1604113 bytes)Malibu Copper 65 Seats 00.JPG (1608542 bytes)Malibu Copper 65 interior.jpg (3398506 bytes)
mrstitch removed the previous seat job only to find many broken and missing springs plus bogus seat foam that was installed with weird stuff pushed in to the broken seat frames just to get the Distinctive Industries kit on!
Malibu Copper 65 Seat 04.JPG (1962376 bytes) the scums  painted the seat tracks with the seat upholstery on!!

Malibu Copper 65 Seats 03.jpg (1660419 bytes)
the backrest covers were installed apparently by a basic moran or idiot? You be the Judge!
Malibu Copper 65 Seat 19.jpg (1384091 bytes) old nasty foam was inserted to replace the missing seat springs!Malibu Copper 65 Seat 13.JPG (2038777 bytes)
Malibu Copper 65 Seat 22.JPG (3778487 bytes) see the strange!!!! straps sewn to listing instead of using coated wires to attach properly.

Malibu Copper 65 Seat 09.jpg (3990633 bytes) Cushion seat panels were destroyed and covered with unidentified pad! to somehow fit by the dumbhead that did this job!

We took the time to replace and migweld the broken seat springs with Yearone and wrap the frames with burlap and install new American Cushion Foam Pads so the seat kit would fit!
Malibu Copper 65 Seat 05.JPG (3535243 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Seat 06.JPG (4150440 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Seat 08.JPG (3602555 bytes) Malibu65 Copper NEWbackrestpads .JPG (1556544 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Seat 14.JPG (3472998 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Seat 12.JPG (1706073 bytes) Malibu Copper 65 Seat 21.JPG (1758569 bytes)


Project 3/27/08  
1964 Chevy Malibu SS
installing PUI Seat Kit and restoring seat frames
for Jon Yip

Malibu Seats Yip CAR .JPG (1853107 bytes)  Malibu Seats Yip CAR 01.jpg (2983899 bytes)  Malibu Seats Yip CAR 00.jpg (2304360 bytes)

Malibu Seats Yip CAR 0.jpg (3183266 bytes) Malibu Seats Yip Completed 01.JPG (2991342 bytes) Malibu Seats Yip Completed 00.JPG (3644684 bytes)

1st Rear seats,remove rust from frames and apply coating also install new burlap

Be advised, mrstitch treats all seat frames with the same respect the auto body shops do when they clean contaminated steel before applying top coats!

Malibu 1964 SS Yip 001.JPG (1938094 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 002.JPG (2209311 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 003.JPG (1864811 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 004.JPG (1303885 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 000.JPG (2147260 bytes)

Malibu 1964 SS Yip 005.JPG (2444411 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 006.JPG (2063087 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 007.JPG (2563371 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 009.JPG (2690293 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 010.JPG (2549285 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 011.JPG (2232198 bytes)

Malibu 1964 SS Yip 012.JPG (2235208 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 013.JPG (1965241 bytes)Malibu 1964 SS Yip 014.JPG (2713093 bytes)

Next install the new PUI Upholstery kit

Rear Seat cushion fits nice pleats look Great! Malibu 1964 SS Yip 015.jpg (2945648 bytes)  Malibu 1964 SS Yip 016.JPG (1352664 bytes)

Rear Seat Backrest fits nice but all the heat sealed seams are poping up! Malibu 1964 SS Yip 018.jpg (2352482 bytes)  Malibu 1964 SS Yip 019.JPG (2262029 bytes)
Need replacement to restart cover install

Front Bucket Seat cushion Frames Before and After rust removal
Malibu 1964 SS Yip 028.JPG (2359783 bytes)  Malibu 1964 SS Yip 029.JPG (2226602 bytes)
Malibu 1964 SS Yip 027.JPG (2076347 bytes) Malibu 1964 SS Yip 021.JPG (2659215 bytes)

Sem Rust Coat applied to the bare metal cushions Malibu 1964 SS Yip 022.JPG (2038753 bytes)  Malibu 1964 SS Yip 026.JPG (1661821 bytes)  Malibu 1964 SS Yip 023.JPG (1562229 bytes)
next install the new side support springs , wrap the seat frame with new burlap and install the new foam pads
Seat tracks are removed ! rust and old paint are deleted Malibu 1964 SS Yip 024.JPG (1771696 bytes)
next use air wire wheel to smooth the track feet edges so the metal has a clean image with the small portion that is seen with the doors opened where the carpet is cut ! This small mod gives your interior nice look!

See the foam pads mrstitch had to wade through before the  chevy techs at sent us a set from American Cushions Foam

Yip Malibu replacement foam 01.JPG (2591304 bytes)  Yip Malibu Foam 06.JPG (1381234 bytes)  Malibu Foam Yip 01.JPG (1347800 bytes)  Malibu Foam Yip 02.JPG (1572277 bytes)  Malibu Foam Yip 04.JPG (1500140 bytes)  Yip Foam 00.JPG (2727936 bytes)   Yip Foam 02.JPG (2014581 bytes)   Yip Foam 04.JPG (1973288 bytes)


New American Cushions Foam that Randy Shelton from sent to us to fix the the problem!

See the new pads installed for the cushions so far with the vinyl covers installed, they fit really nice high and tight!

Yip replacement American Foam 00.JPG (1377808 bytes)  Malibu SS Seat Cushions Finished 02.JPG (1796847 bytes)  Malibu SS Seat Cushions Finished 00.JPG (1883928 bytes)

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